watching stars collide: a carrie/brody mix

i. ode to brody; sean callery
   season 3 end credits
ii. the lake; deyarmond edison
    i got me, and i got you. i know this is my fate
iii. shallows; daughter
     staring at the sky, watching stars collide
iv. get up get up get up; barcelona
     i thought we’d overcome. we might not make it home tonight.
v. holocene; bon iver
    i could see for miles, miles and miles
vi. losing your memory; ryan star
     i would have loved you all my life
vii. look after you; the fray
      it’s always have and never hold. you’d begun to feel like home.
viii. freight train; sara jackson-holman
       try to remember what you said to me, before you said goodbye.
ix. signs (saycet remix); bloc party
     i believe in anything that brings you back home to me
x. the finish line; snow patrol
     i feel like i am watching everything from space
     and in a minute i’ll hear my name and i’ll wake

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